Xtreme Permanent Eyelashes

Xtreme eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelash that are applied directly to your individual, natural eyelashes one at a time.

The look and design of your new eyelashes is totally unique to you and is determined by the shape of your eyes and your natural eyelashes. They are available in many different styles to include various lengths, colours, curvatures and thicknesses.

The end is a fantastic, natural looking set of lashes!

Xtreme Permanent

Eyelash Extensions from start from £60 for a natural set.

Re-lash from £35

Patch Test is required 24 hours prior to tinting and HD Brows

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Xtreme lashes safe?

In short, yes! Xtreme lashes products, application procedure and adhesives are exclusively developed to the highest standards of safety, quality and performance. During the procedure you will be in a horizontal position with eyes closed throughout…many people fall asleep as it is found to be so relaxing!

How long will the procedure actually take?

Time taken depends on the number of lashes applied. A full set of lashes takes from 2.5 hours, whereas touch ups usually required every 2-4 weeks may take 1-1.5 hours.

Can i apply mascara to my Xtreme lashes?

The main advantage of these lashes are that they do not require mascara to be applied, however if you would prefer to still wear mascara, we have a specially formulated mascara specially for use with Xtreme lashes.

How do i prepare for my treatment?

Contact lenses must be removed before the procedure takes place, and lashes cleaned with a mild, water based cleanser. Both eyelids and eyelashes must be totally clean and dry upon arrival for your appointment.

How do i care for my new eyelashes?

We stock a full range of products specially formulated for your new eyelashes including eye makeup remover, facial cleanser, mascara, eyeliner and coating.

How long will my Xtreme eyelashes last?

When properly applied and regularly maintained Xtreme lashes can last indefinitely. As your natural lashes shed, the extensions that are attached also shed, and new lashes begin to grow. With regular touch-ups, new extensions are added to the newest lashes to replace those that have been shed, and this will maintain a full natural look.

Wake up to longer, fuller and thicker lashes every day!

Ideal for special occasions, or simple day to day wear. You will love that you can swim, shower, excercise and sleep worry free.

Xtreme lashes should only be applied by a certified stylist who has received extensive training from the best in the industry.