Hands and Feet

Manicures and pedicures are done using CND Shellac products and polishes.

                                  CND shellac

Kid- icure- £10 (manicure for under 14 years). Duration 20 minutes.

Express Manicure – £10 A quick tidy up for the finger nails including filing of nails and your choice of OPI polish. Ideal treat for in between manicures. Duration 20 minutes.

Manicure – £18 The fingernails are soaked, exfoliated, and massaged, tidied, and nails shaped and finished off with your choice of OPI nail polish. Duration 30 minutes

Luxury Manicure – £20 This Treatment is the same as OPI manicure plus hands are treated to warming treatment with heated mittens. This is excellent for dry, rough skin people with arthritus or to give short nails a growth boost. Duration: 1 hour.

For Foot Perfection (remember your flip flops!)

Express Pedicure – £10 Toe nails are shaped, finished off with a fabulous polish of your choice. With this procedure the polish can last up to a month. Duration 15 minutes.

Pedicure – £24 Get out of your socks and boots, and get into your sandals. This will definitely be the treatment for you! Hard skin is removed, nails filed and shaped, cuticle work and a foot massage finished off with a fabulous OPI polish of your choice. Lasts approximately one month. Duration 45 minutes.

Luxury Pedicure – £27 Arthritis, rough hard skin, or just aching feet. All the same as OPI pedicure, plus feet are wrapped in warm treatment paraffin and heated booties. Feet will be soft, supple and revitalised. Duration 1 hour.